Shutter Island

A U.S Marshal investigates the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane.

shutterislandShutter Island is full of twists and turns. I’ll admit that when I watched it again to cross it off the list, I was trying to second-guess it like it was my first time. I still haven’t found all the answers I was looking for. All I know is that if I was marooned on an island with Sir Ben Kingsley analysing my every move, I’d probably get crazy violent too.

The first time I watched Shutter Island, my mind was awash with the questions you’d expect. Is DiCaprio crazy? Whose creepy kid is that? How did Rorschach end up in a mental institution? But we know by the end that Leo is crazy – he killed his wife because she drowned their three children in a lake. So this time around, I found myself morbidly wondering: How did Michelle Williams manage to drown three kids simultaneously? There’s no way she could do them one by one without somebody making a run for it. So did she try her hand at holding them under all at once? How would that even work? Credit where credit is due – maybe the criminally insane have better problem solving skills than me and you.

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