The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Film lovers can usually trace their interest in the medium back to a single event. Often a movie from their childhoodThe Lord of the Rings series is my genesis – the films that got me interested in films. Over a decade since their release, I still try to make time for them once a year. Sometimes to once again lose myself in the cinematic world that I fell in love with as a child, sometimes just to see how well they’ve aged (hint: they’ve aged really bloody well).

Granted, when I was nine, I didn’t have a clue what The Lord of the Rings was all about. I didn’t realise that it was special beyond its ability to entertain my thirst for storytelling. My dad bought a DVD player just so we could own The Fellowship of the Ring, and some days I would watch the Moria battle scene again and again.

The Fellowship of the Ring

Fourteen years later, my appreciation is rationalised no differently to when I was nine. I don’t merely “appreciate” the The Fellowship of the Ring because it was made frugally – with stunning sets, makeup, and music – on a budget of “just” $93m. It still holds an incredibly high position in my personal top film list, because it fanned the flame for my love of storytelling – something that had already existed, but wasn’t yet represented by anything in the medium of film. And it still reminds me with every viewing, how much films can do, and how fucking awesome they can be.

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