A Wednesday

A retiring police officer reminisces about the most astounding day of his career, a case that was never filed but continues to haunt him in his memories – the case of a man and a Wednesday.

At #235 in the Top 250 is The Road. This is not the adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel starring Viggo Mortensen. Mistakes, nonetheless, do happen, which is why, as the credits of A Wednesday rolled, my first thought was, “Shit. I bought the wrong film.” Nope. As confirmed by IMDb, A Wednesday is one of the best films of all time. Why? I have no fucking idea.

I don’t think this is one of those instances where my limited understanding holds me back, or where I want to be wrong, or where a film was just not for meA Wednesday is (and I don’t say this lightly) a bad film.

Most praise seems to go to its social and political relevance. Yes, there is an interesting message in terms of the mysterious bomber’s motives, but it is so deeply buried in uninteresting, low-stake action and drama that it is not worth 104 minutes to receive. That’s 104 minutes that probably could have been cut down to 70 if Pandey had steered clear of unnecessary slow-mo. And those 70 minutes could probably have been far less painful if he had found more than one punching sound effect to use for the film’s many fight scenes.

There is nothing to grasp on to as a positive. But I don’t think anything would have fixed A Wednesday. Reviewers describe it as a “complete masterpiece”. But to me, it doesn’t seem whole – it’s missing too many storytelling essentials to list here, especially for a film that’s trying to provoke thought.

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